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Here's IANVA's full-length track list

Intro: Colpo Di Maglio
La Ballata Dell’Ardito
Vittoria Mutilata
(XII – IX – MCMXIX) Di Nuovo In Armi!
Tango Della Menade
Sangue Morlacco
Per Non Dormire
Fuoco A Fiume
Muri D’Assenzio
Outro: Amor Sola Lex


Track by track:

INTRO - COLPO DI MAGLIO (HAMMER-STROKE) : 1918 – The battle of Vittorio Veneto. The decisive effort to put an end to a bloody war …

LA BALLATA DELL’ARDITO (THE BALLAD OF THE ARDITO) : Major Renzi introduces himself with this bittersweet ballad… The perfect portrait of a “Beautiful Loser”...

VITTORIA MUTILATA (MUTILATED VICTORY) : Treaty of Paris: the delegates of the victorious nations, understimating the Italian contribution and its tribute of blood, take some territorial resolutions and assign Fiume and other lands to the Croatian jurisdiction...

DI NUOVO IN ARMI! (ARMED AGAIN!) : Rising against the Italian Government which was forced to ratify the Treaty, D’Annunzio and his Arditi conquer Fiume and occupy the “City Of Life”, proclaiming the Free Republic. Major Renzi follows his “Comandante” and is assigned to the Counter-Espionage Office.

TANGO DELLA MENADE (TANGO OF THE MAENAD) : The seducing Elettra Stavros introduces herself with a sensual and gloomy tango: Major Renzi is enchanted by her performance against his will …

SANGUE MORLACCO (MORLACHIAN BLOOD) : A “drunken” song devoted to the celebrated cherry wine so cherished by D’Annunzio and all Arditi … A tavern’s anthem.

PER NON DORMIRE (TO NOT SLEEP FOR) : Major Renzi is torn apart because of his passion for Elettra… Love Vs. Duty, Ideal Vs. Eros.

TRADITI (BETRAYED) : The Italian Army has been given order to open the fire against the “Rebel Army” of Fiume. D’Annunzio speaks to his Arditi for the last time. The Dream is over.

FUOCO A FIUME (FIRE IN FIUME) : Elettra thinks of Major Renzi in her prison and has a vision of the future.

MURI D’ASSENZIO (WALLS OF ABSINTHE) : The ill-famed “Christmas Of Blood 1920”. Fiume is under siege. Major Renzi and his troops put up a valiant resistance – brothers Vs. brothers. He meets Elettra and kisses her among the ruins, promising they will meet in Trieste after the end of the crisis, to sail on and live a new existence in Argentina. But the Fate is waiting for him...

OUTRO - AMOR SOLA LEX (LOVE THE ONLY LAW) : The story comes to its end. Elettra will never see Renzi again, and waits for him in vain. The years go by...

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